March 2015 Site Progress Notes

March 2015

Site Clearance and Ground Investigation completed except in Network Rail corridor.

Ground Penetrating Radar surveys of the site started.

UXO survey work started.

As well as across the flood plain, the Busway follows old rail and road routes and sites of previous industrial and commercial development, and the ground is filled with existing services, both charted and unknown, some live some not. Our prime concern in carrying out our work is the safety of those impacted by the contract and those carrying out the work for us. Before we start digging a full survey is carried out by firstly compiling records of the known services provided by the utility companies, such as BT and Bristol Water, and also carrying out a site wide survey using Ground Penetrating Radar. This is akin to what they do on time team, but we find more and it’s less exciting. By comparing the two sets of results, we can identify areas of high risk and manage our excavations in the future accordingly. One method of risk mitigation is by using vacuum excavators, which suck the earth up.

In addition to a myriad of services, Bristol was heavily bombed during WW2, and the risk of encountering unexploded ordinance needs to be recognised and managed. We have surveyed the entire site and have identified all buried metallic objects, mainly by cross referencing with the service investigation.

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