August 2015 Site Progress Notes

The perimeter security fence was extended to include the flood compensation area at Ashton Vale and working under the supervision of an ecologist, site clearance and strimming was completed. Excavation of the area started on the eastern side with a brief to preserve identified areas of water vole habitat, this work will continue into September and October in conjunction with the Busway embankment construction.

The drainage blanket was completed from Longmoor to Old Colliters brook which has allowed the band drain installation to be completed in the month. Between the 6th and the 9TH of August, the footpath at Silbury Road was re=opened to allow access from the residential estate to the balloon festival.

Night-time road closures were put in place on Cumberland Road to allow further ground investigation and service location to be completed. Site clearance will start in the old rail sidings in September.

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