September 2015 Site Progress Notes

The earthworks contractor returned to site in the latter part of September to continue with excavation and reinstatement of the Flood Compensation Area and to place a foundation layer to the section of site running through the old allotments.

Importing stone to construct the raised embankment across Ashton Vale kicks off at the start of October and should be complete in November. The next activity will be placing surcharge material excavated from the FCA on top of the embankment which will stay in place until early in 2016.

Bristol Water have now completed the first phase of the 750mm water main protection/diversion works next to New Colliters Brook, which involved installing additional valves to allow the main to be isolated, the subsequent slip lining of the isolated section started at the end of September and is expected to be completed by mid-November.

We will shortly start building stable platforms for a rig to work from to install the piles for the bridges across Longmoor, New and Old Colliters brook.

In September, preparation work at the North end of the contract started with vegetation clearance and removal of previously tipped material from the line of the Busway followed by erection of the site perimeter fencing. In October, together with Bristol Museums Galleries & Archives, we will remove to storage sections of the Bristol Harbour Railway track for future use.

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