Cumberland Road Traffic Management and Closure of Smeaton Road

Smeaton Road will be closed for approximately ten months from Monday 23 November.

The closure is for the construction of:

  • a new flood defence wall on Cumberland Road that will provide increased protection from flooding for properties in Avon Crescent,

  • the MetroBus guided busway,

  • a new pedestrian and cycling route underneath Smeaton Road bridge,

  • a new signalised junction at the junction of Avon Crescent with Cumberland Road.

The existing traffic signals on Smeaton Road are also being removed. Whilst Smeaton Road is closed traffic will be diverted along Avon Crescent.

The following safety measures will be installed on Avon Crescent for the diversion:

  • Advance signs about the diversion route to encourage drivers to use alternative routes;

  • 20 mph advisory signs on the approach roads and on the diversion;

  • Safety barriers with pedestrian rails on Avon Crescent with gaps for pedestrians;

  • 20 mph matrix signs to alert motorists to the speed limit;

  • No cycling signs on the footpath.

The entrance to Chocolate Path near the Avon Crescent junction will also be closed during construction. This is to enable construction traffic to access the construction site and ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

After construction this entrance will be replaced by the new pedestrian and cycling route underneath Smeaton Road bridge.

Cumberland Road

Coach parking and the parking bays on Cumberland Road from the junction with Avon Crescent to Vauxhall Bridge will be suspended from Monday 23 November. This is to allow us to rebuild the Cumberland Road flood wall.

In order for these works to commence, traffic management measures will be implemented by Balfour Beatty on Sunday 22nd November.

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