November 2015 Site Progress Notes

The construction of the embankment from the Park and Ride to the rail bridge is complete and surcharged. The engineers are monitoring rates of consolidation and will advise in the new year when the surcharge can be removed and the next phase of construction begin.

Preparations for piling of the three structures across the Ashton Vale fields is underway with piling scheduled to start in January.

The diversion of the Bristol Water trunk main has been completed by their framework contractor.

The satellite compound at the Cumberland Road tie in has been set up and connections to mains electricity are being pursued to negate the need for generators.

Traffic management has been installed on Cumberland road and discussions are still on-going with Network management and the local residents regarding issues raised at the residents meeting on 25th November. A 20mph speed limit is proposed along Cumberland Road to address some concerns.

Removal of railings along the length of Cumberland Road Wall has started and works to provide access has begun. Removed iron ware is being taken to BCC storage where required.

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