January 2016 Site Progress Notes

The new year has seen a change at Aston fields as we have started to remove the surcharge placed on the Busway embankment last year in those locations where our monitoring has shown that settlement has finished. As this progresses, it will release following activities such as drainage which we plan to start in March.

Piling equipment was delivered to site at the end of January and a start was made at Longmoor Brook Bridge. Each side of the bridge has over 40 piles, extending 15m into the rock below. When complete, the rig will move on to Old Colliters Bridge.

At the tie-in to Cumberland Road all known services have been diverted to allow our work to start, the platform from which the ramp piles are to be installed has been completed and we expect to start piling in March.

The re-building and raising of the flood wall continues with traffic light control in place on Cumberland Road extending into Avon Crescent. On 16th December, the council imposed a mandatory speed limit through the works of 20mph.

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