MetroBus protects residents from flooding

Earlier in the month the MetroBus team in Spike Island protected the area from serious flooding. The team's hard work and quick thinking meant Bristol City Council’s emergency flood barriers didn’t have to be deployed and Avon Crescent and Cumberland Road could stay open to traffic. If the roads had been closed due to flooding it would have caused serious disruption to Bristol’s road network. The team installed a temporary bund near the Chocolate Path which prevented the River Avon flooding the roads during the recent high tides. The above photo on the left shows the temporary bund, the second photo shows the water level which reached 8.35 metres above tide level during the high tides. As part of the MetroBus scheme in Spike Island we’re building a raised flood wall that will protect Avon Crescent, Cumberland Road and Commercial Road. The flood wall will offer an improved level of protection of a one per cent probability of flooding happening in any year.

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