Section 1 Piling Update

Section 1 Piling Update

We have commenced the second phase of piling operations for the bridges over New Colliter’s Brook, Longmoor Brook & Old Colliter’s Brook. This involves driving steel piles between 7m and 12m around the sub structures of the bridges.

We hope to install these using an excavator with a vibrating piling attachment. There will be some noise from this activity, but if the piles need to be installed by an air hammer then the noise generated will be greater.

The piling for Old Colliter’s B

ridge will commence in approximately 3 weeks. This operation will take up to 2 weeks.

See the attached diagram for bridge locations.

Balfour Beatty will only install the piles during normal working hours (8.00-17.00hrs) and will carry out noise/vibration monitoring before and during the works.

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